Friday, November 09, 2007

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way (Sex Party Update) - Swingers Plan Party To Raise Money For Legal Fees: "(CBS 11 News) DUNCANVILLE Tuesday night the Duncanville City Council voted to shut down a swingers club known as the Cherry Pit.

Now they say they have an additional reason to party. The organizers hope to attract big crowds on Friday and Saturday night.

They say they'll use the donations to build a legal defense fund to fight the city's ordinance.

On their Web site's chat room Wednesday, the Cherry Pit's organizers said they need $10,000 to retain an attorney who will help them fight to stay open. They said it would take 1,000 supporters donating $10 each.

After the ordinance passed Tuesday, organizers Jim Trulock and Julie Norris vowed to take the city to court next week."


Anonymous said...

Why is it that television stations are STILL unable to reliably and quickly host video clips? I went to YouTube so I could watch the news report.

Of course, YouTube had plenty of other videos with "swinger" as a topic. I'd watch them but I know I would be disappointed.

Cap'n Bob said...

So they want to shut down a happy little swingers' center and allow those ripoff Scientology centers to stay open. The world is ass backwards.

Unknown said...

No justice.

Anonymous said...

I'll side with the neighbors on this one. The traffic looks horrendous and the party hosts look even worse.

Anonymous said...

Actually traffic is NOT an issue. We attend the cherry pit's parties every single weekend. There is not an issue with parking, with traffic, or with noise. The first words of the city ordinance state that the sex is the issue. NO WHERE in the ordinance does it say ANYTHING about the parking, the traffic, the noise, ect.
People it is time to stand up and be heard. The government is TRYING To tell us what we can and CANT do in our own beds! This is unjust and against our civil rights. Watch the news people. I promise you that this so called City Ordinance WILL be overturned and the cherry pit will be back up and running and will be a lot more rich due to the ignorance of the City!

Anonymous said...

The Cherry Pit~