Friday, October 05, 2007

My Name is Earl

If you watched the show last night, you saw that Earl's brother, Randy, has been hired as a prison guard. If you found it hard to believe that anyone would hire Randy to be a prison guard, I suggest you go over to The Brazosport News and watch this.

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gomer said...

Pretty innerestin'. Pretty innerestin' listenin' to, an' watchin', that prison guard drawl-on about the prison-guard world. Kinda hard to be too sympathetic to a guy what gets paid to see to it that people he never met or what never done nuthin' to him personally, he gets paid to see to it that these people remain in chains, and indoors.Hard to be too sympathetic to a dude like that, 'specially since these folks he's helpin' the State torture are pro'bly mostly Americans. Still he seems like a good sort of guy and at least he is decent enough to want to DO somethin' about things, even though he may not be sure what the solution is. But, bless his heart, maybe he can recruit an army of sympathizers. God Bless the Internet! So, like I say, very innerestin' item, Billy. Very innerestin'.