Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'll Bet They Didn't Get on his Lawn When They Fled

WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio's News Leader - Man, 73, Thwarts Home Robbery With 'Karate Skills': "'I didn't let them in the house,' Garner said. 'What was I supposed to do? Were they supposed to get into my house? No, brother, no.'

Garner said he fought back using martial arts, but not before he took some lumps of his own.

'They were surprised because I knew karate, you know?' Garner said. 'I got beat up terrible. My arm and beat up in the belly.'

After a short struggle, the two men fled from the home, Bell reported.

'I'm 73 years old, I know karate, I know judo, I know everything,' Garner said. 'Nobody comes into my house without my permission.'"

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gomer said...

the war department should take a clue: send us geezers to iraq. and any other site of annoyance. we'd clean things up pronto; we're ticked at everything and we on our way out anyway. send the kids home. send us there instead. then get the hell out of our way.