Sunday, October 28, 2007

And Pete Rose Will be Sent to Monte Carlo

Ripken to visit China as envoy -- "Cal Ripken Jr. has developed a lucrative, baseball-centered career that includes stints as a television analyst, co-owner of a minor league team and a long list of other business interests since retiring from the Baltimore Orioles in 2002. But when he boards a plane at Washington Dulles International Airport today for his latest venture, he'll be carrying a batch of newly printed business cards.

On one side of the small card his name appears in English, and on the back is a series of Chinese characters - an important tool for the newly appointed special envoy for the U.S. Department of State."


Anonymous said...

Pete Rose is at least entitled to his own slot machine line. that's only fair. he played ball in more ways than one and i think he should be compensated in his sunset years by some worthy and appropriate benefactors. maybe from new york or chicago. not everybody hates the guy, you know. just like not everybody hates that other ball player who was killing pit bulls. he should have gotten the nobel peace prize for that in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Bill, when we were in Vegas last week Ol' Pete was there again (2nd time in 2 years) signing autographs at a sports store in the Forum Shops. There wasn't much of a crowd when we were there but I'm sure he got paid anyway.

Unknown said...

So you didn't get an autograph?

Anonymous said...

You got that right.

And the dorky guy dressed in the Cincinnati Reds' uniform trying to draw the crowds in looked really embarrassed.