Thursday, September 27, 2007

Must-See TV

Reality TV Magazine: The Search For The Next Elvira Cast Announced: "The Fox Reality Channel recently announced the participants for The Search for the Next Elvira. Elvira, the Queen of Halloween, has selected 13 participants who will compete to become her surrogate handmaiden. “Hundreds auditioned to become a handmaiden for little old me,” said Elvira. “But only 13 had true T&A (talent and ability) and the others were told to Rest in Peace.”

“The Search for the Next Elvira” premieres on the Fox Reality Channel on Saturday, October 13 at Midnight. Queen 'B' Productions and Panacea Entertainment are producing The Search for the Next Elvira series exclusively for Fox Reality Channel in association with Natural 9 Entertainment."


jcat said...

Bill, ya finally came up with a newsworthy item. Bless ya, boy.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Elviras are born, not made. (Insert wisecrack here.)