Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bigfoot Update

2 Chattanooga Men Say They May Have Landed "Bigfoot" Say Hulking Furry Figure Is On Video Shot In Remote New Mexico posted September 28, 2007 Two Chattanoogans say they may have bagged the mythical "Bigfoot".

Lindsay Lemmon and Austin McGee said after returning from a trip out west, they found that video shot out the window along I-40 in New Mexico has a glimpse of what appears to be a hulking furry figure walking.

Mr. Lemmon, a local contractor who specializes in historic homes, said, "I'm still skeptical, but it does look like a figure to me. If it was a prank, then it was awfully hot and it was out in the middle of nowhere."

Mr. McGee, who shot the footage, is much more positive.

He said, "I believe it whole-heartedly. Every time I look at it on the VCR I see a figure with real long arms hanging below the knees. He is walking and swinging those arms."
He said a close examination of the figure reveals "a tan round face."

Mr. Lemmon, who went to Las Vegas for filming of a Discovery Channel show on drag racing, has contacted his CPA and is in the process of getting all rights to the video.

Mr. Austin said he contacted two groups that specialize in Bigfoot lore - one from Atlanta and another from Texas. He said, "They were ready to come to my house right then. They were freaking out. They were trying all sorts of ways to get to see it."


gomer said...

people are retarded. the whole race. some scratchy footage of something way the hell out there and it becomes AS THE FIRST HYPOTHESIS a mythical creature no one has ever had any physical evidence of. a light in the sky become RIGHT AWAY alien intelligent beings in mechanical craft capable of interstellar flight. not only that ALL OTHER SUGGESTIONS ARE SCOFFED AT. I cant take it. there. i just killed myself. i used some upper case letters by the way in order to prevent apoplexy in the elderly.

jjs said...

If it turns out it really is a bigfoot does that mean I don't have to go to work anymore?