Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Update

Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the link.

"Today" Says Goodbye to Rita - "TMZ has learned the 'Today' show has pulled the plug on the Rita Cosby interview about her book in which she claims Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead had a 'relationship.'

The cancellation comes after 'Today' received a bristling, threatening letter from attorney Lin Wood, Howard's lawyer. Wood, who represented John and Patsy Ramsey, made it clear he would sue the 'Today' show for any falsehoods that spewed out of Rita's mouth. Birkhead has also vowed to sue Cosby and others who he claims are in on a plot to 'smear' him."


gomer said...

The Today show has a spine of asparagas. The Anna Nicole Smith Story whether she is dead or whether she is alive is the most important ongoing event on the Earth today, and perhaps in the galaxy. Or maybe ever in the history of creation. Bill, I think it's time you sent an invite to Miss Cosby. Get her on Pop Culture. Save us from this silence. By the way, have you ever heard of someone threatening to sue in advance of any utterances? And why would they sue the listener? In this case the Today show? Just the fact that the lawyer for the most controversial case in history - before this one of course - shows up on the scene, like lightning, dripping froth and saliva, anxious to bite, makes me even more interested in this astoundingly fascinating matter. And I didn't think that would be possible based on my own unabating, vaulting paroxysms of cataclysmically intense interest so far.

Bill Crider said...

I just wish that I'd lived in Mexia when Anna was there so I could have known her. My brother has all the luck.

gomer said...

Yeah, she was a great gal. Tons of personality. Fantastic conversationalist. Easy to get along with. Steady as a double bolted railroad tie. Interested in virtually everything. Brimming with poise. Focused on all the things that matter. Extremely well read. Meticulously groomed. Quick to reprimand ill behavior. Slow to anger. Disciplined to all things in moderation. Lover of the arts. Beautiful singer. Delightful dancer. Charming in all aspects. Improved all who came in contact with her. Modest in demeanor. Flamboyant in charity. Probing of intellect. Regal of posture. Demure in leisure. And fartless while asleep. She will be missed.

Bill Crider said...

Actually, that's not quite the way my brother describes her, but it's close enough.