Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Scavenger -- David Morrell

After the harrowing events of Creepers, you might think David Morrell would let Frank Balenger and Amanda Evert live happily ever after. Instead, they’re plunged into another breakneck adventure that’s reminiscent of the earlier one except that this time most if it’s outside. A mad computer genuis traps them into a situation that’s part scavenger hunt, part geo-caching, and part video game.

The stakes, of course, are high: life or death.
The prose is stripped down and the action is truly one damned thing after another. And then another one after that. Now and then Morrell slows things down for a moment for some comments about time capsules and other things, but mostly he’s racing straight ahead with the plot. Like Creepers, it’s a bit over the top (okay, maybe a lot over the top), but it’s entertaining.

If it’s character-driven reading you want, look elsewhere. This is plot-driven from the opening words. Check it out.

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