Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Stuffed Gopher Museum

Langenburg, Saskatchewan - Gopherville: "This is a wacky miniature wild west town outside of Langenburg, Saskatchewan, near the Manitoba border. The catch is, they've stuffed a bunch of gophers and dressed them up in little outfits (sheriff, etc.).

From what I read, there's a miniature train, the world's largest bike (44 riders, 85 feet long), and a Santa store. Some other research shows it was still open as recently as 2005 (Saskatchewan's centennial)."


Brent McKee said...

As your resident Saskatchewan correspondent (or is that Saskatchewan resident correspondent) I'm vaguely ashamed to say that I haven't been in the Langenburg area in many, many years. In this part of the province we tend to gravitate to Edmonton or Calgary rather than Winnipeg. Still I looked the place up online and while there isn`t a website, it still seems to be there. This sort of place is typically owned by a local farmer/entrepreneur as a good way to supplement his income. It`s the sort of place that big city "sophisticates" love to sneer at, and which the locals never visit unless some the family come for a visit, but is a bit of a break for people driving the Yellowhead Highway between Winnipeg and Saskatoon on a scorching summer day (like today).

Unknown said...

I think it's a cool idea. Neal Barrett, Jr., wrote about a similar place in one of his novels. I thought he was making it up.