Saturday, July 14, 2007

Giant Gator Update (TV Edition)

Walter Satterthwait has just informed me that the Sci-Fi Channel is running giant gator movies all day, leading up to tonight's showing of Supergator. Here's the schedule. Tune in now.


Jeff Meyerson said...

I tried to watch Supergator but man, what a turkey! The actuing was porno movie level but without the nudity (darn it) and the special effects could have been created on my computer and been more convincing.

Fifteen minutes was all we could take but we checked back in occasionally - it didn't get better.

Sometimes the gator jumped out of the river and bit someone's head off and there was a curtain of too red blood that looked like someone had tossed a gallon of diluted red paint. Other times it would chew on someone's leg and torso until s/he died. But it never ate anyone, just killed them.

It was kind of sad to see an aged Kelly McGillis in this stinker, but at least she got a trip to Hawaii out of it.

Highlight was the opening scene. Soon to be first victim (in an incredibly blantant ripoff of the first death in Jaws takes off her shorts and top to reveal a black one piece swimsuit. They cut to her entering the water, but she is now wearing a patterned bikini!!!

Dave Knadler said...

You have to love a country where movies about giant gators are numerous enough to become a genre. This sounds like one I'd definitely buy, rather than rent.