Monday, May 14, 2007

No, Thanks. I'm not Hungry.

Wis. festival sells deep-fried testicles: "ELDERON, Wis. - Around here, it may be tough to pass up anything deep-fried.

More than 300 people paid $5 for all-you-can-eat goat, lamb and bull testicles Saturday at the ninth annual Testicle Festival at Mama‘s Place Bar and Grill in Elderon in central Wisconsin.

Festival founder Nancy Fenske said the festival grew out of her late husband Roger‘s birthday party 12 years ago. They decided to have 'a nut fry' at Mama‘s Place after bringing back lamb fries from a trip to Montana.

'What else can you do in a small town?' Fenske said."

Oh, I don't know. Read a book? (Thanks to Jeff [Mr. Gourmet] Meyerson for the link.)

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