Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bill Clinton is a Good Name for an Emu

But perhaps things would have gone better if they'd read this book. | It was a nice day in Carrboro, but not for the emu: "CHAPEL HILL - Bill Clinton, a 6-foot emu on the run nearly a week, died Thursday after Carrboro police captured him outside a nursing home.

The cause of the flightless bird's death was in dispute: The manager of the Orange County Animal Shelter said police Tasered him. But a police spokesman said officers didn't use a Taser stun gun or tranquilizers. He said the bird injured himself as police tried to load him into a truck to take him to the shelter.

'My guess is it did something to its neck,' Capt. J.G. Booker said.

Bill Clinton's flight was the latest and most spectacular of a string of Triangle-area emu escapes that ended in death."

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