Thursday, March 08, 2007

No English Teacher Reading this Will Be Surprised

The applicants who all had burnt pyjamas-News-UK-Education-TimesOnline: "University admissions officers may have been amused and impressed with the bright young spark who began his medical school application with an entertaining yet thoughtful anecdote about setting fire to his pyjamas when he was a boy.

But that was before they read 233 other applications telling exactly the same story.

They may experienced a similar sense of d�j�vu when they read all 370 applications from would-be doctors who opened their personal statements with “a fascination for how the human body works . . .” and the 175 who referred to their “elderly or infirm grandfather”.

A creative imagination may not be the first thing universities were looking for from our future GPs, dentists or brain surgeons, but they might reasonably expect applicants to tell the truth."


Anonymous said...

Funny, this article mentions elephants, too, in a slightly different context.

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