Friday, February 09, 2007

Lee Hoffman, R. I. P.

Lee Hoffman was a well-known SF fan and the author of a number of very good novels, including a Spur-award-winning western. There's a lot of interesting info about her at the link.

Lee Hoffman: "Lee Hoffman is one of those marvelous people who defy being categorized. Her fascinating life has spanned a wide spectrum of human endeavors. Amateur archaeologist, artist, author, horsewoman, race car inspector, where does one begin? You might find her sipping wine in New York or sampling the waters of the Okeefenokee Swamp. If you find her relaxing in front of a radio, she may be listening to folk music or to police dispatches. The clack-clacking in the next room might be Lee writing a novel, or disassembling the typewriter to see how it works. Read on to find out more about this renaissance woman."

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