Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hard Case Crime Goes Hollywood!

More good news from Charles Ardai at HCC:

Some of you have seen the attached article that ran in Variety yesterday; for those of you who haven't, I'm attaching it below. The gist of it is that we've hooked up with Papazian-Hirsch, the producers of (among many other things over the past 30+ years) the outstanding HBO series "Rome," to create a series of Hard Case Crime movies. These are early days yet, so just how many films will get made or which of our books they'll be based on is still up in the air -- but we definitely feel we're in good hands, and will keep you posted as things begin developing.

Meanwhile, in a less noteworthy but still fun bit of film-related news, if you pick up the new DVD edition of "Ocean's 11" that's coming out later this year and turn to the DVD extras, you'll find a documentary about heist pictures and heist novels featuring interviews with a number of our authors, including Jason Starr (BUST), Peter Pavia (DUTCH UNCLE), and yours truly [Charles Ardai]. While I don't think the three of us will give Clooney, Pitt, and Damon any serious competition in terms of sheer on-camera charisma, it's a treat to be part of the crew, even in a small way...


Anonymous said...

This will be a treat if it ever materializes.

Unknown said...

I think we can count on it. Mr. Ardai is a true can-do guy.