Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Texas Gets Tough on Crime

Star-Telegram | 01/28/2007 | 4 towels, ashtray taken from Motel 6: "EULESS -- For at least one customer, Tom Bodett probably won't be leaving the light on.

A thief took two cotton towels, two hand towels and an ashtray from a Motel 6 in the 100 block of Airport Freeway on Monday.

A police report did not have the dollar loss in the theft."


Anonymous said...

If you write a Sheriff Dan novel inspired by this, I will give you four cotton towels and an ashtray. I won't guarantee they'll be from a Motel 6, however.

Unknown said...

This one might be too tough even for Dan Rhodes.

Cap'n Bob said...

Those ashtrays are critical. When I asked for a non-smoking room at a Portland Motel 6 they turned the ashtray upside down. Printed on the bottom were the words NO SMOKING. For a smoking room just flip the ashtray rightside up.

Unknown said...

Those Motel 6 folks are pretty clever.