Sunday, January 28, 2007

Canada Leads the Way

Ordinarily I'd never consider attending a stripathon. But since it's for such a good cause . . . . - Edmonton News - Exotic dancers step up for fundraiser: "Exotic dancers from across Alberta will be doffing their G-strings to raise money for three young Edmonton boys suffering from a rare disorder.

As the Sun reported last week, Nikki Miranda's three boys - Tyler, 7, Jordan, 4, and Riley, 2 - need $1-million-a-year in therapy that isn't covered by the government because it has yet to be approved in Canada.

'I saw their picture in the paper and I started crying. They're so cute and so little,' said Rylee, a 24-year-old Edmonton stripper.

Rylee, who didn't want her real name published, said she and her boyfriend were discussing the ailing brothers' plight when they came up with the idea for a stripathon.

After contacting the Sun, Rylee OK'd her idea with Miranda and then approached Showgirls promotions manager Paul Ballach. He didn't hesitate.

'It's not fair for children to go through life like that,' he said.

Ballach is scheduling a massive fundraising stripathon at Edmonton's Showgirls for either March 25 or April 1. A second stripathon is also tentatively set for the next day at the new Showgirls location in Grande Prairie."


Brent McKee said...

I've heard of events like this a number of times (not around here - Saskatchewan doesn't allow strippers in places where alcohol is served). Sadly what frequently happens is that the strippers and the clubs try to raise money for some charity and then when they try to give it away the charities indignantly refuse the money because it came from a "tainted" source. Glad to see one of these events happening where the money will actually go where the women intend it to go.

Cap'n Bob said...

I hope they raise a million dollars--all in ones folded longways.

Brent McKee said...

Hard in Canada: our ones and twos are all coins - the Loonie and the Toonie.

Anonymous said...

I'm a burlesque dancer and I raise money for charities, unfortunatly very few charities will associate with us. Our shows are no real nudity, you could see just as much at any public swimming pool, but still a lot of charities will not accept the money...

Unknown said...

Sounds dumb to me.