Wednesday, November 01, 2006

World Fantasy Convention

Judy and I are about to toddle off to Austin for the World Fantasy Convention. This year, Robert E. Howard will be honored. All the attendees will be receiving a copy of Cross Plains Universe. If the book eventually sells to mass market paperback, then everyone can read some of the great stories between the covers, but for now you'll have to be content with looking at the cover here or checking out the table of contents here.

I'll probably do a little blogging at the convention, but I don't know many fantasy writers, so there might not be video. Except that, for you Dirty Old Men (and you know who you are), I'll try to have a video of Kasey Lansdale, who, I believe is the opening act for Ray Price this weekend. Soon she'll be a chart-topper, but I'll always remember her as the kid who lost out to a ferret in the Miss AggieCon contest.


Scott Cupp said...

To be fair, it was a cute ferret.

Bill said...

Yeah, but then there was the time she lost to the cross-dresser.