Monday, October 30, 2006

Officer Naughty

Thanks to John Duke for the tip. Those who demand photographic proof, click here.

BADGE BABE PARIS By LEELA de KRETSER - New York Post Online Edition: Seven: "October 29, 2006 -- Life imitates, er, art?

Paparazzi princess Paris Hilton shows she might actually have some imagination by showing off an ingenious Halloween costume as LAPD cop 'Officer Naughty' outside her Beverly Hills home.

The blond bubblehead mocked her recent DWI run-in with the law (inset) and strutted out wearing a busty, blue police outfit, complete with a holster on her tiny hips and a 'Naughty' name tag.

This time, however, the cuffs were off Hilton's wrists - a far cry from last month when she was busted for driving while intoxicated and dragged into a Hollywood precinct."


Anonymous said...

Every time Paris hooks a headline my second thought is, "What will Bill Crider say?"
John McAuley

Scott Cupp said...

Maybe I can get a striped shirt and mask and a name badge that says Mr. Nice and get arrested. I've had my shot!