Thursday, October 05, 2006

Those of You Who Liked Madison's Cow Parade , . .

. . . please allow me to direct your attention to the Stein Parade. (Text and photos.)

Jayme Lynn Blaschke's Gibberish: "Conflicting demands on my time have prevented me from blogging the fact that New Braunfels has gotten into the public art act as well this year. Only, well, this is New Braunfels. This town can't do anything without tying into its German heritage. So a cow parade was right out. Instead, residents and tourists have been treated to--I kid you not--the world's first Stein Parade!"


Lois said...

So glad you posted this. I've come to really enjoy this type of art. Wish I was going to visit my parents (who live 2 blocks from Remember the ALibi) before it's gone.

Bill said...

I saw Patsy at the Bouchercon, and she tells me that Remember the Alibi is under new management and doing well. So you should go for a visit. See the steins and buy some books.