Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Thomas Wolfe!

Nobody reads Thomas Wolfe anymore, as far as I know. His work wasn't included in any of the college anthologies of American literature that I used to see when I was still teaching, so I guess he's not considered important. Too bad. Look Homeward, Angel had a huge impact on me when I was a teen, and even though I haven't read it in over 50 years, parts of it are still vivid in my memory.

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Graham said...

It's funny the things you remember. While browsing in the bookstore with my wife I came across Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles (think LORD OF THE RINGS for teens). I picked up a copy of THE HIGH KING, and though I read it 25 years ago, within a couple of minutes I was able to find my favorite scene and point it out to my wife.