Saturday, October 14, 2006

Out of the Gutter

Saw this on Tribe's blog. Along with Murdaland, another market for short fiction of the noir and hardboiled kind. Always good news.

OUT OF THE GUTTER: "Out of the Gutter is going to be an anthology of grim, fierce, uncomfortably realistic crime fiction and more. The idea is to create a modern pulp magazine (presented in book form) but more than that I want to test boundaries, to collect material that is at once as troubling and fascinating as a bloody freeway accident. The essays and stories already amassed cover subjects ranging from organized dog fighting to homosexual prostitution in Mexico, to prison violence (a piece from celebrated prison author Seth “Soul Man” Ferranti) to classic detective noir--with a twist."

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful redhead in black garters ... I hope that dummy with the machine gun is aiming out the window!

Madonna mia ...