Friday, October 13, 2006

More about Handwriting

Thanks, once again, to Karin Montin.

Changing child's handwriting improves behaviour: analyst: "OTTAWA -- Parents of difficult children can take some solace in the latest theory circulating in education circles that the key to changing kids' negative behaviour could be as simple as changing their handwriting.

Handwriting analyst Simon Zelcovitch has begun working with families to help transform selfish kids into more giving ones, domineering kids into collegial ones, and closed-minded or secretive children into more open, personable people -- all by identifying revealing aspects of their handwriting and changing their writing patterns accordingly.

'By altering their handwriting, the person will change their behaviour. There's absolutely a connection,' said Zelcovitch, who is based in Toronto."


Lonnie Cruse said...

Well, I do wish somebody would change MY handwriting. Not that I misbehave, mind you, but I can't read it myself and often run into trouble at the grocery. Flatzbuffels for lunch, Bill?

Barbara W. Klaser said...

I find handwriting to be my favored form of putting down words, even though I do most of my writing today on a keyboard. Perhaps it was the years I spent as a typist and technical writer that made me feel keyboarding is too removed from my deeper self. Or maybe it's just that I learned to write by hand, and did so through most of my school years. But I feel more in touch with myself with a pen or pencil in hand. I don't have the best handwriting, but my handwriting reflects who I am.