Monday, September 25, 2006

Will the Persecution Never End? (A Continuing Series)

The morbidly curious (none of you, surely) can see the pics from the ads here.

Paris Hilton's w(h)ining outrage - Showbiz News - Life Style Extra: "LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Paris Hilton has caused outrage by starring in a wine advert just weeks after being arrested for drink drivingView the profile for Paris Hilton on Celebrity Spotlight.

The 'Stars Are Blind' singer agreed to be the face of Italian wine-maker Prosecco and posed for raunchy photos to promote their sparkling wine range 'Rich'.

However, road safety campaigners have been left fuming over the sexy ads, saying Paris is not suited for the campaign after her recent drink-driving scandal.

Andrea Dan, the president of Italy's Road safety Society said: 'She has just only been arrested for drink-driving and a few days later she is promoting an alcoholic drink. What sot of image is that?'

The 25-year-old was arrested on 7 September in Hollywood after she was pulled over for 'driving erratically' and failed a sobriety test.

Meanwhile, Paris stunned onlookers in Los Angeles when she broke down in tears after being approached by a young fan.

One onlooker said: 'Paris seemed really sad and tried to explain that she was in a rush. When the young girl asked if everything was OK, Paris shook her head before fleeing in tears.'"

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