Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Off To Bouchercon

Tomorrow morning bright and early, Judy and I will be heading to Houston Intercontinental Airport for the long trip to Madison, Wisconsin. Okay, so it's not such a long trip as the crow flies, but we're not using a crow. We're using Continental Airlines, which means that we go to Cleveland, lay over for a few hours, and then go to Madison.

We'll be getting up here at 6:00 A.M. and getting to the hotel in Madison at about 6:00 P.M. So it's a long day's journey into night. Or, in this case, into the frozen north. We're basking in the 80s here this week, as opposed to the 90s last week, but the forecast for Madison looks pretty chilly to us, as it'll going into the 30s on Thursday night. That's the dead of winter.

At any rate, I'll be taking along the little video camera, and if all goes well, I'll post a video or two while we're gone. We'll be getting back here late on Monday, so the blog should return to what passes for normal sometime next week. Talk amongst yourselves until then.


Paris Hilton said...

I plan on being there too, Mr. Crider. You better have your camera ready.

PACHI said...

qué divertido parece . Yo voy a hacer lo mismo pero en España ,Viaje en coche y luego llegar de vuelta después de que salgan las películas en el blog

Vince said...

Oh, to be in Madison, now that autumn's here. Have a good trip and a great time, Bill. I look forward to your reports from the floor.