Friday, September 15, 2006

Jeb Bush: And You Thought G. W. Couldn't Speak English

Weird News at Tampa Bay's 10: "Governor Jeb Bush alongside Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio announced this year's book choice for the state's third annual reading promotion from the West Tampa library.

Bush compared “The Zero Game” by Brad Metzler to the “Da Vinci Code.” He said it’s a fast moving thriller about a betting game between politicians in congress. Bush says it's an entertaining way for anyone to better themselves.

Governor Jeb Bush, Florida
“If you could only do one thing really well to be successful in life it is probably to be really literate because then you can acquire knowledge, be respective of where you are, who you are and with that comes all sorts of other things.”"


JDuke said...

I'm shocked, shocked and stunned that you would poke fun at the only Bush to graduate Phi Beta Kappa from dear old UT.

Bill said...

They've obviously lowered the standards at UT since I was there. Grade inflation runs rampant.