Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Hardluck Stories Now On-line

The "western noir" issue of Hardluck Stories is now on-line, and it's terrific. Ed Gorman provides the introduction, and there are stories by Ed, Norman Partridge, Jon Breen, Trey Barker, Harry Shannon, T. L. Wolf, Jeremiah Healy, Bentley Little, Steve Hockensmith, James Reasoner, Jerry Raine, Jan Christiansen, and Terry Tanner. Not to mention me. What a line-up! And what stories! I've read most of them, and they're all excellent. Don't waste any more time here. Check 'em out.


Benjie said...

I counted six or seven of this entry, but no link or web address. Where can we find this collection of literary wonder?

Unknown said...

Sorry about that. Blogger's gone berserk again, though it seems okay now. The link to the stories should be in the post if I managed to get it fixed.

Steve Hockensmith said...

Haven't read "Piano Man" yet, Bill, but you can bet I'll be getting to it soon. Sorry I didn't mention it in my Crimespree article about mystery/Westerns. I had no idea it was going to be in there. What an amazing lineup Ed and Dave pulled together -- a true bonanza of talent!


Dave Zeltserman said...

You mean what an amazing line up Ed pulled together--I was mostly a spectator!! Glad to have both yours and Bill's in this issue.