Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Harry Crews Writes Again

Harry Crews, Aging Wild Man of Southern Literature, Publishes Again, Quietly - New York Times: "In June, the literary wild man Harry Crews published the latest book — his 23rd — in his continuing saga of the roughneck South. The book, “An American Family,” a novella about the violent demise and unexpected redemption of an abusive husband, is Mr. Crews’s first in eight years. Unlike most of the others, it was published not by a mainstream publishing house, but by a little-known small press, Blood and Guts, based in Los Angeles."

Thanks to Ed Gorman for the tip.


Scott Cupp said...

This looked interesting enough that I went ahead and ordered a copy. Thank you, Master Book Scout

Bill said...

Interesting, and a small print run. Hmmm. You're welcome, Grasshopper.