Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Stan Freberg!

Mark Evanier at News from Me celebrates the birthday of one of his heroes (and mine), Stan Freberg. Read his post and check out the discography.

news from me: "I hope he'll forgive me for mentioning the number but it's not exactly a secret on the Internet. One of my personal heroes, Stan Freberg (seen above with his lovely spouse, Hunter) is eighty years old today. He is, as everyone knows, a fine actor, satirist, writer, voice actor, advertising genius, etc. He's also a very nice man whose friendship I treasure. It's a joy when one of your idols turns out to be as fine a human being as you could ever want him to be."


Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Yay for Stan Freberg. I've played on my radio show "Sam Splayed, Detective" and the classic "St. George and the Dragonet" from _The Stan Freberg Show_ of 1957.

macavity said...

That's a great one!

Todd Mason said...

Speaking of radio shows: not the best available copies, probably, but freely audible at are the episodes of Freberg's 1950s summer replacement series for the JACK BENNY SHOW.

I can also recommend Gerald Nachman's SERIOUSLY FUNNY, about Freberg and most of the other major comedians of his generation.

Bill said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Todd. I'll check them out.

Jeff Meyerson said...

I can still remember the great Stan Freberg radio and TV spots from the 60s.

Come on out on the veranda,
Let me hug you like a panda..."

You had to be there.

Bill said...

And some of us were: "Today the pits! Tomorrow the wrinkles!"

Writeprocrastinator said...

I can't believe that nobody mentioned Freberg doing Pete Puma. "Coffee! Eeeeee!"

And, of course, "Give me a lotta lumps, a whole lotta lumps."

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

"Bang Gunley, US Marshall Field"

Okay, for all you Freberg fans: I've posted "St George and the Dragonet" on my Web site:

Scroll down to "Audio Clips"

Bill said...

Thanks, Beth.

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Whoops; sorry,that URL isn't quite right for the Freberg clip. It's:

Anonymous said...

fernanda, come on out on the veranda, let me hug you like a panda...natural wonder by revlon spot by gray advertising