Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cats Plot World Domination!

Aug. 9, 2006 Kevin Lafferty is a smart, cautious, thoughtful scientist who doesn't hate cats, but he has put forth a provocative theory that suggests that a clever cat parasite may alter human cultures on a massive scale.

His phone hasn't stopped ringing since he published one of the strangest research papers to come out of the mill in quite awhile.

The parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, has been transmitted indirectly from cats to roughly half the people on the planet, and it has been shown to affect human personalities in different ways.

Research has shown that women who are infected with the parasite tend to be more warm, outgoing and attentive to others, while infected men tend to be less intelligent and probably a bit boring. But both men and women who are infected are more prone to feeling guilty and insecure.

Other researchers have linked the parasite to schizophrenia. In an adult, the symptoms are like a mild form of flu, but it can be much more serious in an infant or fetus. Oxford University researchers believe high levels of the parasite leads to hyperactivity and lower IQ in children.

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Todd Mason said...

Cats made me dull...Or, at least their secret masters did. SINISTER BARRIER's sequel SINISTER MOGGIE, coming soon.

'"Anthropologists are not in agreement that you can drive a culture from the bottom up," Lafferty says.'--why the hell wouldn't they? What responsible anthropologists wouldn't suggest exactly that?