Monday, July 03, 2006

What Next?

First it was ice cream made with eels' blood. Now we have this. I think the last line is probably an understatement.

ANGIER - Scott Wilson won't eat his newest flavor of ice cream.

He warns customers at his ice cream shop away from it. And he's not even sure whether he'll make another batch when he runs out.

It's called Cold Sweat.

Along with milk, sugar and the other usual ingredients, the ice cream is made with three kinds of peppers and two kinds of hot sauce. It's so spicy that just touching it makes your fingers feel hot.

The ice cream has turned into a hot sales gimmick at Sunni Sky's, the roadside ice cream shop Wilson and his wife have run for the past three years along N.C. 55.

It's not a top seller, though.


Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

They don't say WHAT kinds of peppers they use. Jalapeno? Serrano? Scotch Bonnet? Habanero?

No matter. Must. Have. Now!

Notbhavn said...

I live in Angier and Cold Sweat has become wildly popular in the last couple of days. I have tasted this stuff and it is INSANLY HOT!! It just started out as a dare since Scott makes all of his ice cream (which all of his 60 flavors are delicious). It has three different kinds of peppers, two hot sauces and some other stuff. I just wish people could taste his real ice cream, which is far and wide the absolute BEST there is. Anyway, since I have an inside "scoop" I thought I would share it with everyone. Take care.

Bill said...

Just thinking about Cold Sweat makes me break out in a . . . cold sweat. I'm sure I'd burn the inside of my mouth to a crisp.

Anonymous said...

how do we get there? anyone know the address?