Saturday, April 15, 2006

OK, It's Official. Everybody Has a Web Page | Gangs use Internet to deliver threats:
Police in capital use sites, which are legal, to gather intelligence

Washington Post

WASHINGTON - The threat from the D.C.-area gang, Street Thug Criminals, was very clear: 'We swore we were going to get the (bleep) that did this and we are. RIP Antonio.'

It was delivered the way almost everything seems to be these days: on a Web page.

The Street Thug Criminals have an Internet page, and they used it to warn a rival Langley Park, Md., gang that Antonio's death would be avenged.

Police call it 'cyberbanging' — gang members openly bragging about affiliations, skipping school, getting high and battling rival gangs.


Writeprocrastinator said...

The Bay Area Rapid Transit Police(the subway that goes from San Francisco through Oakland and all points north, south and east of the East Bay) were capturing graffiti taggers a few years ago, by going to their sites. The police would take pictures and compare them to the online work.

What was more amazing that it took the taggers almost two years to stop doing this, despite the fact that word spread around that a few police departments were fully hip to this.

James said...

Let's not forget that terrorist groups had/have websites, including everyone's favorite, al Qaeda.