Thursday, March 30, 2006

Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

In a comment on my review of The Long Ships, Jeff Meyerson mentions Viking Women and the Sea Serpent. I had to pause for a moment until the wave of nostalgia had washed completely over me before I could even take a breath. Thinking of this movie is even better than thinking of Pat Molittieri. It's one movie I'll certainly never forget, and not just because it's Fabulous! Spectacular! Terrifying! I won't forget it because I "saw" it at the Parkway Drive-In Theater just outside the city limits of Mexia, Texas, long, long ago. My date to the movie was Margaret Stubbs, who was my eight-and-a-half cousin (people in Mexia, some of them, kept up with things like that).

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, a true classic. In the MST3K version, there's a scene where the Viking women (and the one male stowaway) wash up on the beach. A group of English (?) horsemen ride up, see the women and ask the guy one of my favorite lines from Animal House:

"Do you mind if we dance wif yo' dates?"

I roared.