Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Drive-In Theater

When we went to Dallas a few weeks ago, we drove past the Galaxy Drive-In on Interstate 45 near Ennis. It's nice to know that the drive-in is making a comeback. Update: I've added a photo that shows one screen. The speakers are in the foreground.

Galaxy Drive-In Theatre: "Please arrive as early as possible to help avoid long lines of cars and traffic problems, which in turn leads to later start times! For safety reasons and the consideration of other patrons we cannot start the first features while several cars are still trying to park!
PLEASE do not wait until the last minute to show up!!!"


James said...

To me it's just not a drive-in if it doesn't have speakers that hang from the car's windows. The whole "tune your radio" thing just doesn't do it for me. What does this place have?

Unknown said...

I checked the photo gallery, and sure enough the place has the speakers that hang from the car windows.

James said...

Now that's groovy.