Friday, March 24, 2006

More Books than Space

"Avid readers . . . grapple with storage, from basic bricks-and-board shelving to exquisite, and exquisitely expensive, custom cabinetry. They have discovered that books can be tucked under the stairs, over doorways, into headboards, atop the refrigerator and inside kitchen cabinets. The cliched decorator's trick of stacking large, glossy art books on their sides can give new life to occasional tables. Indeed, several uniform, knee-high piles of books on the floor can become a table when topped by a piece of glass."

Sure, just one post down I said no more blogging until Sunday or Monday. So I lied. I couldn't pass up a mention of this article from the Washington Post. You probably have to register to read it. It's all too true, and it reminded me of my recent post on compulsive hoarding.

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Anonymous said...

Books turned into a new table? Works for me.