Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Someone at Publishers Weekly Likes Me

I'm not saying "loves me," mind you, but here's the review for A Mammoth Murder, due in April. Start saving your money to buy several copies.

"Brisk and funny dialogue propels Crider's diverting 13th mystery to feature Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes (after 2003's Red, White, and Blue Murder). When a dead body turns up in a Blacklin County forest better known for its bigfoot sightings, Rhodes hopes the murderer won't be as hard to catch as the legendary monster itself. One morning, town character Bud Turley alerts the sheriff that he's found bigfoot's tooth in a patch of woods notable mainly for its feral pigs-and for a local boy having disappeared there years back. When the fossil tooth proves to be that of a mammoth, Rhodes isn't surprised, but when the corpse turns out to be Turley's best friend-and when another murder takes place nearby, not long after-things really get complicated. Turley, meanwhile, has already summoned amateur bigfoot investigators nationwide to come to Blacklin County to investigate. Fans and newcomers alike will enjoy this playful romp with a Texas drawl.


Gormania said...

Well deserved as always. Congratulations. Ed

Steven said...

Sounds like love to me. Hopefully my next book gets a review just like that... Except for "Luis Gonzalo" instead of "Dan Rhoades" and a few other changes regarding plot and setting. Still, well done.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Bill! With a great cover and a plot like that, how could you go wrong?

Anonymous said...

I love it! Combination of a great book cover leading me into another Rhodes mystery! Can't wait to get a copy.