Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Some Guys Still Like Westerns

WLTX News 19 Welcome to Whiskey Creek, South Carolina: "(Elgin) - A Midlands man has actually built something right out of the Old West, in his backyard.

Ken White's frontier spirit has inspired a piece of living history. Three years ago, the Nebraska native got an idea from watching the old CBS show, 'Gunsmoke.'

'I was sitting one night watching 'Gunsmoke,' and thought it might be pretty neat if I could build something like that. So that's what started it all.'

Using wood from old barns on his family's land back home, he started constructing a miniature town that looks to be right out of the Old West. There are two hotels, a church, a saloon, a jail, a doctor's office, a funeral parlor, a dry goods store, a post office, a blacksmith's shop, an outhouse and a wash house."

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Anonymous said...

Only one outhouse? Maybe it's a two-seater.

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