Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Anna Nicole Smith Goes Wild. Again. A Continuing Series.

New York Post Online Edition: gossip: "December 6, 2005 -- CLAIMING that an 'intoxicated' and 'scantily clad' Anna Nicole Smith disrupted last summer's Live 8 concert in Philadelphia, organizers of the charity fund-raiser have sued the Trimspa diet firm for failing to control its sloppy spokesmodel and not paying a six-figure promotional fee."

I'm sure she never acted this way in my brother's biology class.


Banjo Jones said...

so what DOES your brother have to say about this?

did he forsee this crackup happening in her later life?

or did he figure she'd just work her way to asst. mgr. of the Mexia Dairy Queen?

Anonymous said...

IF she'd behaved that way in biology class, she'd have been sent to the principal, or worse, been given extra homework (perhaps a dreaded report?) Times, they are a changin'.