Sunday, November 20, 2005

National Treasure

Judy and I watched National Treasure last night. It was kind of a dumb movie (okay, it was a really dumb movie), but we had a new TV set and wanted to try it out. What I liked best about the movie was that Nicolas Cage's character was named Ben Gates. If you don't know why I enjoyed that, you haven't read as much paperback fiction as I have. And as a bonus, the sidekick's name was Riley Poole. I went to high school with a guy by that name. I can't really recommend the movie except as mild, mindless entertainment, but those two names gave me a little extra kick.


James Reasoner said...

I liked that movie quite a bit, too. Didn't know about Riley Poole, of course, but I recognized Ben Gates's name right away. I'd bet it was coincidence, though.

Anonymous said...

As far as a name for a lead character goes, Ben Gates is hot. Then again, some like it cool.

--Steve Mertz

mtmorgan said...

I really enjoyed this as well. One of the better summer *blockbuster* type flicks I've seen.