Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two Heads are Better Than One

Angelo State gets a two-headed rattler

Associated Press

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Angelo State University is getting an unusual addition to its collection of reptiles and amphibians: a two-headed rattlesnake.

Chris McAllister, a visiting professor of biology at Angelo State University in San Angelo, said he found the snake after turning over 400 to 500 rocks last month at a Christoval-area ranch, where he and students were scouring for interesting specimens.

While two-headed rat snakes and king snakes are relatively common, a two-headed rattler is not, McAllister said.

I picked this up from Dave Barry's blog because it reminded me of my happy years in Brownwood, Texas, and the annual rattlesnake roundup. Brownwood is about 70 miles from San Angelo, and we'd often drive there so that I could visit the used-book stores. I have many, many books that I bought at Ye Olde Fantastic and other stores there. I even have a T-shirt somewhere that I got when I ran in the San Angelo Road Lizard Fun Run. Ask me sometime to tell you my rattlesnake stories if I haven't told you already. Those were the days.


Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

I saw that in the SA Express-News this morning. Cool stuff. The wife and I remember that the San Antonio Zoo had a live one in the Herp center for years and years. Fascinating to watch. And George Proctor included some in his "V" novel spinoff, "The Texas Run."

You know, there's got to be a good two-headed rattler story waiting to be written.

Lonnie Cruse said...

Eeeeouch! Once saw an albino boa at a zoo. It was yellow and white. Not a pretty sight.

Remind me to tell you about the time my hubby came home from work to find me dancing around on the front porch, .22 pistol in hand, aiming at a snake crawling up out of the lake toward me. Brrrr.