Friday, October 14, 2005

50 Best Horror Movies?

Walter Satterthwait sent me this link. The Wicker Man is in the top ten, but I still say that any movie in which Christopher Lee's toupee upstages Lee isn't a contender.

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Lonnie Cruse said...

I'm afraid I must respectfully disagree with whoever assembled this list of 50 most scary movies. Having just spent two complete evenings watching my own collection of scary movies with my grandsons, I can agree with THE THING making the list. It most certainly WAS the movie that scared the socks off me as a kid, and I've never forgotten it.

BUT any list without Lugosi's Dracula OR White Zombie can hardly be considered to be complete. Well, can it? Sniff. What were they thinking??? And the silent version of Dracula was certainly created to keep movie fans awake long after. Brrrr.

The boys and I also watched BODY SNATCHERS and I was delighted to see that I'd totally forgotten the ending. Pass the popcorn, Bill.