Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mystery*File Update

The latest "Gold Medal Corner" has been posted at Steve Lewis's Mystery*File site. There's my little essay on Marvin H. Albert, plus some spiffy cover photos and Steve's Albert bibiliography. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article on Marvin Albert. I have been gradually reading and collecting his books for several years now. I just read Operation Lila a few weeks ago. I saw a few books in that article that I didn't know about so now I will be looking for them too.


Juri said...

Devil in Dungarees is also a favourite of mine - which you probably knew already. I've been hollering about it just about to everyone ever since I read it. Thanks for the article, Bill - you could've said more about his Westerns which are very good, but then again, this was on MysteryFile. You didn't say much about the Pete Sawyer books, but they are quite good, too.

Glen Davis said...

I've been collecting Marvin Albert books for a while. I think he's one of the few authors who kept getting better, and never wound down, the way so many authors do.

Bill said...

I agree, Glen. Scarlet Women is a really good book.

Anonymous said...

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