Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Anna Does D. C.

Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, here's a link to a great article filled with advice for my homie, Anna Nicole Smith, the most famous person ever to live in Mexia, Texas. She was a student at Mexia High School for a couple of years, and she was in a biology class taught by my brother. Now, he's living out a quiet retirement in Point Enterprise, Texas (not even on Google Maps), while Anna Nicole, who probably doesn't remember a single thing about biology (well, the way it was taught in that class, anyway) is in the headlines, on the TV screens, and generally being famous. It all goes to show what a good teacher can do for your career.


Jeff Meyerson said...

I think Anna Nicole should wear the outfit in your picture with a trench coat over it, to be removed as needed. Great picture.

So you have one degree of separation from the Queen of Mexia.

Banjo Jones said...

I think you're holding back. Surely there some interesting Anna anecdotes/remembrances that were told around the dinner table. I feel sure the statute of limitations on teacher-student confidentiality has expired.