Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita Update #4

The storm has taken another slight jog to the right. Every time that happens, I relax a little more because while this is very bad news for Louisiana, it's good news for us. According to the National Weather Service, Galveston is no longer in the "cone of uncertainty." Isn't that a great phrase? I'm reminded of Get Smart's "cone of silence." Anyway, this means that Galveston is no longer a candidate to wind up in the hurricane's direct path. Alvin, being a few miles up the road from Galveston, isn't in the path, either. This doesn't mean that the storm can't fool everybody and move back this way, but things are looking pretty good for us here. Wind? Rain? Sure, we'll get some of both. But the really nasty stuff is a lot less likely.

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