Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita Update #2

The scenes of the traffic outside Houston have shown the flaws in the big "evacuation plan." I don't know if anyone's to blame, and of course the intentions were good. (I have a feeling you could ask some of the many stranded drivers about "the road to hell.") Now a bus full of evacuees has exploded near Dallas, and it's far, far worse than anything we've seen so far. I'm watching the scene on TV now, and we're hearing that the bus was filled with the elderly and infirm and that there have been mulitple deaths.

Judy and I are quite hopeful that the worst of Lovely Rita's effects will miss us here in Alvin. If the storm continues the way the National Weather Service is telling us at the moment, that will be the case. Keep those fingers crossed.

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Cap'n Bob Napier said...

My main worry for you is flooding. Now that I know Hill St. is not on a hill, I wonder if you're above the flood plain. I assume you're furiously moving your books to the attic, or at least the high shelves.