Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Time for Cap'n Bob to Go Back to College?

Salford Advertiser - Air head wants to get a PhD:

"AMANDA Griffiths is studying air guitar for her PhD.

MEET madcap Amanda Griffiths of Chorlton, the PhD student who is studying for a doctorate - in air guitar.

Amanda is researching the phenomena of playing along to famous electric guitar solos with nothing more in your hands than a fistful of fresh air as part of her doctorate at the University of Salford.

And the 32-year-old is even a special guest at the Air Guitar World Championships held in Oulu, where she will give a lecture on the subject."


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

If that's an example of the modern co-ed, I'll pass. Anyway, I can play real guitar, just not well enough to do those famous solos.

Jeff Meyerson said...

I read this and thought the Cap'n was probably teaching the course.

Andy J said...

Isn't 32 a bit old to be getting your doctorate? I mean, anybody who's doing one on air guitar probably hasn't done any real work yet (whatever that is). If she's only been toiling in the halls of academia and only doing "air work," shouldn't she have already gotten her doctorate a couple of years ago? At 32, couldn't she already be a real doctor -- you know the kind that supposedly can repair people? I think they have to put in a lot more time than those other kinds of doctors. Young lady, account for your time!

Amanda said...

Hi Bill,
My name is Amanda Griffiths - the woman doign the PhD. I wanted to respond to Andy J's request that I account for my time.

I research for my PhD part-time (paying my own University fees) and I work three jobs; one as a dance teacher for children in areas of deprivation in Manchester, UK; one as an advisor for a performing arts business development agency (helping performers to set up their own businesses) and lastly, selling theatre tickets to help me to pay my rent.

In the UK, you can do a doctorate at any time. As far as I'm aware you can do a PhD in any subject - it's not the subject that matters, merely that you prove yourself to be a thorough researcher.

I'm completely amazed that this is of any consequence to anyone else but thank you for your interest.


Bill said...

Thanks for stopping by, Amanda, and thanks for the comment!