Monday, August 01, 2005

OK, I Didn't Really Need to Know This

DELIVERANCE - REYNOLDS NELSON AND I WOULD HAVE MADE GREAT GAY LOVERS: "DELIVERANCE star BURT REYNOLDS was so impressed with country legend WILLIE NELSON when they met, the actor's now convinced they'd have made the perfect gay couple.

Reynolds and Nelson teamed up to make appearances in the upcoming movie adaptation of cult TV show DUKES OF HAZZARD, and twice-divorced Reynolds admits he almost immediately saw a perfect partner in the singer.

He says, 'When I worked with Willie Nelson - who is just about the nicest man I've ever worked with in my life - I thought, 'If I'd have been gay, it would've saved me millions, just because we'd still be happily married.''"


Brent McKee said...

Well, when you consider that Burt's first wife (Judy Carne) decided that she was a lesbian - or at least bisexual - after their really messy divorce and his ex-mother in law blamed it all on him, his second wife (Loni Anderson) drove him into bankrupcy, and now his most recent relationship, I can understand how he'd think heterosexuality is highly overrted.

Duane Swierczynski said...

"To all the Burts I've loved before..." C'mon, sing it with me!

Andy J said...

I saw Burt say that (it was on Leno, wasn't it?) and it didn't surprise me a bit because in search of a laugh the man is simply fearless. He can say something like that on national tv and get away with it when anybody else would even be afraid to say it to a couple of friends. Burt was as witty as ever and his responses to Leno were as sharp and funny as ever. He's a bit older now but hasn't lost a step. The man is still quick with a quip and in my opinion is a national treasure.