Friday, August 19, 2005

Off to the ArmadilloCon

In an hour or so Judy and I will be on the road to Austin for the ArmadilloCon, a dandy regional SF convention. I'll be on a few panels, we'll get to see some friends, and we'll have lunch with our son, so it should be a good weekend. Maybe I'll even find a few books in the dealers' room. The only thing that worries me is filling the car's tank with gasoline. It's going to cost close to fifty buck for a fill-up, and gas prices don't seem to be moderating in the least. I miss the Good Old Days.

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Joan Reeves said...

I'm not even an old geezer-ette, but I remember when gasoline was priced between twenty to thirty cents a gallon. Competing stations on four corners of an intersection gave away stuff to get you to fill up there. I got my first set of dishes from filling up at a certain station. In college, you and your friends could scrape together all your loose change and fill the tank. Of course, that was back in the "Drain America first" days.