Monday, August 15, 2005

And I Thought My Books Took up a Lot of Room

AP Wire | 08/13/2005 | North Dakota man is undisputed Edsel King:

BEULAH, N.D. - It's widely considered the most hideous and over-hyped vehicle ever to hit the highway, but the Edsel couldn't be more magnificent to Leroy Walker.

From its horsecollar grill to its spaceship-like tailfins and scads of gadgets like a push-button gear selector on the steering wheel, the Edsel is a car to be coveted, Walker says.

'The highway gets a little sweeter when you're driving an Edsel,' he said. 'There isn't a soul on the road who doesn't smile and wave at you.'"

"At last count, Walker had 226 Edsels scattered throughout his 37-acre compound in Mercer County. The disarranged parking is by design."

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Cap'n Bob said...

Loren Estleman's book (is the title Edsel?) in his Detroit Trilogy takes a good look at this car and the phenomenon surrounding its design and introduction. That horsecollar grille has also been likened to female private parts. Frankly, I like the Edsel and wouldn't mind having one.