Friday, July 29, 2005

This Doesn't Bother Me at All

Really. I mean it. It doesn't. Not a bit.

See, here's the deal. James Reasoner is starting to write a book this weekend. So am I. My deadline is November 1. I'll be lucky to get the book done by then. James's deadline is probably August 15. He'll finish by August 10.

But it doesn't bother me. Not in the least. No kidding.


James Reasoner said...

Done by August 10? I wish! Maybe in the old days, but not the way I'm writing now.

PollyME said...

I need somebody to lie to me to get things done on time. It's akin to setting the clock a half hour ahead so that I panic and think it's 4:30am when I wake up and not 4:00am.